Update after  long time.. the dogs are now 2 yrs old and they still get car sick


The summer has started and the beach is getting warm.

I recently became the owner of 2 puppies... they are Havanese dogs and were born 04-10-2010.
While some people have mixed opinions about crate training , I am going to crate train the dogs so that they only are out of the crate when supervised... So far so good...

They do get car sick now but I am hoping this will go away with age..

I will post pictures as they get older..


DIY - how to make a spare key from soda bottle

This is a great post that I found... "Who knew"


Leka plastic spare key card



Apple MobileMe billing is causing false fraud alerts on Chase Bank Credit cards!

Found out today that Apple is submitting $1.00 charge approvals to your card on file to test the validity of the credit card on account for your MobileMe account.

Chase Bank's credit card fraud detection system thinks these are fraudulent activity on the card and shuts them down.

I had it happen to 2 different Chase Bank credit cards. It's very frustrating since you then need to explain the charge denials to the other merchants that get denied and you have to resubmit the charges.

If you have this happen to you call Apple and let them know. Ask for consumer relations.

1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014

I think Chase Bank is being a bit too strict on what they consider fraud and Apple should probably just submit the charge for the renewal a few weeks early to provide a buffer for cards that don't get approved.


Well the beach is closed until next May... I have all winter to devote to the store and getting my url picked up oin all the search engines. Getting popular on the internet is all about how the search engines see your site. ironically the design is almose secondary. It is the number of links on the site and the quality of the metatags on each page.


Check it out!!!!

My friend James is playing a big party in Munich Germany on October 17.

DJJAmes Home Site
SAINT Party, Munich Germany


Today I added some new items on Green Grocer Bags. Check out the new lunch bags in the Lunch Bags section of the site.
Intuit releases Hot Fix for Quick Books 2009 for MAC. I finally had to call Intuit's corporate office and leave a complaint to get any remedy for the crashing problems with Quick Books 2009 for MAC running on MAC OS X 10.6. The recent upgrade to MAC OS X 10.6 made the software unusable. Today they issued a fix that seems to remedy the crashing problems. It installed OK after Intuit reported problems yesterday with the first version of this fix. Hopefully this fixes all the problems. The corporate office actually send a notification email to report the hot fix release. I hope they incorporate features like email notification into their support program.. It was missing when I called and talked to a support desk person in India over the weekend. The support call person reported thay there was no immediate fix available and to wait for the software to tell you that a fix is ready. No call backs, No email notifications.. We will see what happens...